Over the past month BimShops.com, BimAutoCentral.com & WavyMag.com have published a number of commission based work opportunities, aimed at providing an additional means of revenue for all local Barbadians or any other able-bodied person.

This article will breakdown each of these positions, what they entail and how you can start working today.

BimShops Digital Sales Rep.

The Digital Sales Representative is an independent sales position, responsible for the acquisition, marketing and sale of Automotive, Real Estate and Consumer Goods along with our range of Digital Services, with the potential to earn up to four figures in commission per sale.

Primarily, your focus will be approaching potential clients interested in:

  1. Digital Presence Development – Any business where YOU identify the need for an updated website, new product photography or OUR cost effective advertisement campaigns. Any potential leads provided to the in-house team entitles you to a 15-20% commission on invoiced services paid immediately upon receiving deposit.
  2. Automotive & Property Marketing – Our affiliated partners have made available their range of automotive vehicles for sale by all of our registered BimShops Agents. Your duties may include developing NEW potential sales leads, following up on EXISTING sales leads (Showing Vehicles, Initiating Loan Financing Process, Closing Sales) and the publication of additional vehicles for sale on our directory. In this case, agents stand to gain varying commission* for the confirmed sale of vehicles, along with 50% of any received Financing Commission from our affiliated Financial Institutions.
    * Varying Financing based on agreement with affiliated partner.
    **Barbadian Real Estate License required for Sale & Marketing of local properties on Directory.


  3. Consumer Goods Merchandising – Registered BimShops Agents are permitted to carry out their own, independent merchandising activities using our Local eCommerce platform and/or marketplace directory, and are entitled to 100% of revenues generated through these actions.

BimAutoCentral.com Car Sales Agent

www.bimautocentral.com Platform

Highly charismatic, self motivated and reliable, any BimAuto Car Sales agent in possession of these characteristics holds the potential to earn exponential revenue through the marketing, financing and sale of vehicles in Barbados.

Persons interested in this role will gain access to both our online platform(s) for car sales as well as the range of vehicles currently available in our affiliated car lots. Your income will be derived from a commission paid upon the confirmation of the sale of any vehicle, along with 50% of any financing commission paid separately by the banking institution which provides the loan for said vehicle.

In order to carry out this position it is required interested persons familiarize themselves with our marketing methods, as well as the Car Buying process in Barbados as summarized below:

  • Finding & Cataloguing vehicles for sale on BimAutoCentral.com
  • Responding to potential leads & setting viewing appointments
  • Having identified interest in a vehicle, the provisioning of pro forma invoicing
  • Preparation of required documents for financing (If loan required)*
  • Finalization of sale

For a greater understanding of this process please refer to the outlined steps at the following link:

Link – Buying A Car Made Easy

Wavy Magazine Journalist

Finally, we at WavyMag would like to open up our platform and provide a means for ANY creative, motivated individual to publish any FITTING articles, blogs, tutorials or literary pieces on our magazine. Particularly persons/students seeking experience working in the field of journalism. 

Interested parties, who show an aptitude for writing, may be assigned to cover various local and regional events, generally for which the magazine has acquired press access. Authors will be provided credentials for access & may be accompanied by members of our media team. (Photographer / Videographer)

Innovate Barbados 2018 Interview

This position will be for the majority commission based, with the exception of specially assigned events or engagements. However, individuals are encouraged to use the resources made available to them to build credibility & promote any of your own goods or services. Additionally, persons with a significant level of viewership stand to gain a percentage share of revenues from the monetization activities of the magazine.

One Author has launched his own Comic Series via our platform.


If any of these positions interest you, we invite you to send an email to bimnet.pk@outlook.com, sharing your most recent CV, a contact number and a brief summary of the specific area of interest you would like to pursue.