Don’t @ Me.

You know that satisfaction you get when you walk in the supermarket and pay five cent for an apple? You know how a quart would get you a pound of grapes, 2 pep drinks, a whole cake, 4 farmers choice hams, the blood of Jesus and reparations from slavery?


That’s because that shit don’t exist nomore.

I swear to JAH, nothing annoys me more than when these old people in Bim drop their comments about how young people “don’t know how to manage money” or are “addicted to technology” or whatever other horseshit they contemplate upon to justify their logic that our lifestyle is wrong.

“Wunna young girls does can’t keep wunna legs shut” yeah, well, Eudine you got 8 children from 6 men so I don’t know what to tell you.

Baby boomers forreal, y’all were popping out children faster than your ears pick up on things that don’t concern you. ?

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“Always in a phone all the time like you ain got nothin betta ta do” and you always with your head out the window maliciousing like you ain’t frighten that god you serving use your head as a golf ball and FOUR!!!!! ya ass to the grave Mabel.

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“Wanna youth always spending spending spending, learn to cut and contrive” look, Phyllis. DLP left this country in shambles. Rent at it absolute lowest is $850 now. To eat properly for 3 weeks you looking to spend half that if not more in food. Cars don’t cost $25 to take out Simpson yard, or to maintain them. The bus system like ya child fathers – vanish with the wind. Don’t come for my struggle to live comfortably.

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They love to cry us down for how much we spend, but refuse to acknowledge that they, and their children as a generation, destroyed the economy.

Love to talk about how “slack” girls are but rode ? into the sunset so often they created global warming.

This time most of them got so much diseases them basically sitting up in them coffin, but let me eat a tea time biscuit and all of a sudden I have no concept of what a “real” meal or “good” food is like Errol nobody don’t tell you nothing when you inhale your crate of obesity seasoned with hypertension and wash it down with three bottles of heart murmur. You ain’t hear me comment when you belly round the corner before you face. Simmer.

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Our generation deserves a lot more credit than we get. We challenge the system we came up in. We see the mistakes and we address them. We speak up and we speak out against injustice. We’ve made it our business to be aware of this country’s political and social climate. We’ve learned to (for the most part) look past things like race, gender, physical stature and sexual orientation to see the individual beneath those things. The first to address mental illness and the root causes within our society, instead of brushing it off as “demons”, or “being soft”. Our generation is cleaning up your mess, old man. We’re shattering all the barriers and making something all-inclusive, and striving towards equity in all things.

I’m not saying we’re without faults, but take into to consideration that, for the most part, we’re being attacked for trying to find our way amidst poor parenting, a lack of resources – financial and otherwise, and a constant attempt to have our voices silenced.

We are the most unified generation I’ve seen to date and I won’t have no almost dead ass, stomach bigger than your head ass, christian with 10 children but never wed ass individual telling me no different.

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Let me know your experiences with old people in the comments below. Do you think they’re justified? Do you think they’re not? What are your thoughts?

If you made it to the end of this post, I hope Mia gets you the NIS money you file for since 2014.

If you didn’t, I hope your bus never comes. (Jk, jk, jk.)

Catch y’all later!

x Gabs