It’s with great pride that I’m able to write the first edition of the Wavy Report. Its focus will be to inform our Caribbean & International readers with a summary of the editorial work produced by our Digital Magazine, while also highlighting the talented individuals credible for our ongoing success. Without further delay lets begin.

Firstly, I’d like to highlight an enlightening piece published TODAY by the Young Political Commentator, Donald Leacock. Titled “Election Aftermath” our author captures the key developments which have occurred since the recent political landslide in his homeland, Barbados.

Link to preview Article:

Election Aftermath

This literary gem happens to be Mr. Leacock’s first piece on the WavyMag Platform & we can expect that his following work will intrigue and inspire thought, from those politically oriented and/or independent stakeholder’s within our local landscape.

Additionally, this week we’ve featured work from Gabby Williams & the Love Talk team which challenge our societal & cultural norms in Ms. William’s own humorous, satirical form, and as suggested by the name, Relationship & Advisory type pieces from the latter team.

Gabby Williams – Don’t @ Me Link:

Don’t @ Me.

Love Talk – Is Lying Every Justifiable in A Relationship:

Is Lying Ever Justifiable in Relationships?

The creativity present on our small island has nearly overwhelmed me, a constant flow of new persons interested in expressing a bariffle of innovative opinions or ideas on our platform has provided the necessary inspiration for the production of our Wavy Report article series, particularly given the plethora of issues currently plaguing our Nation & The need of new perspectives in finding the most effective solution for such problems.

One other highlight from the past week has been the production of Island Levvy’s “For You” Music Video, Shot & Edited by a WavyMag Content Creator, Kiel King. His debut production has left viewers captivated, with comments from international audiences comparing it to the work of World Class Videographers, such as Cole Bennett. Such early international recognition has the potential to attract the attention of new entertainment oriented tourism, particularly world renowned artist’s seeking a Premium, Tropical island destination. One should note that this has become an evident trend, namely among artists such as Drake, Tyga & recent work by Busta Rhymes (Ref. Girlfriend x Busta Rhymes ft. Vybz Kartel) who have all introduced a Caribbean affiliation / “Vibe” within the production of their media.

I invite you to preview Mr. King’s first production below or click the link to view his publication on this project.

Island levvy x Back to you

Finally, I’d like to make a habit of concluding the WavyReport by addressing one pressing issue within the local landscape, and propose a potential solution.

Sargassum Seaweed Influx

Barbadian’s are currently “plagued” with an influx of Sargassum Seaweed due to shifting ocean currents & a lack of infrastructure to cope with it. However, I’d like to propose that this “plague” may be refashioned into a Blessing. In light of a recent meeting which I’ve attended this week, I’ve been introduced to a number of innovative uses for our Bane.

Sargassum is free-floating brown macro-algae that lives in the temperate and tropical oceans of the world. In the open ocean, the floating seaweed provides important ecosystem services by acting as habitats for a diverse group of marine animals. It provides food, shade, and shelter to many types of specialized fish, crustaceans, and turtles. When it reaches the coastline, it provides fertilizer for the plant ecosystems that protect the shoreline from erosion and promotes biodiversity of marine bird and wildlife.
(Global Environment Facility)

One local enterprising individual has already taken positive action through the production of Mulch for agricultural fertilization, this individual has openly shared his production process with the public & I personally think that we are “Sleeping” on a potential cash cow/export. By Simply collecting, washing, drying and grinding our Sargassum we’ve converted the currently wasted resource into a functional agricultural tool, furthermore with the correct marketing we may be able to positively impact our current Balance of Trades Deficit. Additionally, this seaweed is used for consumption in foods, beauty products, medicine & a wide range of productive/positive uses.

What I’m suggesting is that individuals be provided with support and/or an allocation of space for the collection and treatment of the beached seaweed, particularly in light of the current lack of productivity within the Public Sector, such efforts would give us an alternative to increasing unemployment levels, particularly in a time of rising taxation & an interest in attracting foreign investment.

I don’t dare claim to have the CORRECT answers for any of our island’s problems, I’m mere suggesting one potential solution equipped with my LIMITED knowledge of all the the factors at play, hence I invite you to improve our correct me where you see a flaw. We are all sinking in the same ship so let’s focus a bit more on staying a float and less on winning the race.

Philip King