As Barbadians looked for a new outlet, following the Covid-19 Pandemic’s disruption of traditional Crop Over activities, one group of locals have taken the initiative to remain mindful of the new normal while offering patrons a day of new exciting experiences.

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Twitter Influencer, Amanda Parris originally expressed her interest in having her friends join her for a tour of Barbados via Twitter, where she was approached by BimVibes to collaborate on organization, within moments the Vibes team had prepared the initial flyers and route information posters which were shared primarily with members of Bajan Twitter via Amanda’s feed,

BimVibes then also carried out a number of pre drive surveys to establish the ideal locations and route for the procession to follow, avoiding the need for any significant turns as well identifying areas with insufficient parking.

A number of Rental Companies were contacted  to source primarily Soft Top Suzuki Jimnys and the broadly popular mini-moke.

Jimny Rental from J. Sealy Rentals

As well as Mount Gay, with whom we started our drive, at the Mount Gay Visitor Center’s Rum Tasting Tour, and then once again concluded with at Uncle Joe’s Bathsheba where we were met by a special Mount Gay Cocktail Bar, Live DJ and happy hour specials.

BimVibes team at the Mount Gay Visitors Center Rum Tasting Tour

From the Visitor’s Centre the procession’s first stop was Porey Springs where they were greeted by the Serene Landscape, Fresh Spring Water & Roasted Breadfruit prepared by local entrepreneur ‘Spring King’, who was overwhelmed by the size of the crowd entering his attraction.

With breadfruits in hand we then made our way down to Speightstown were persons enjoyed the golden beaches, local divers & Crop Over Bashment tunes coming from within our armada of vehicles.

Quickly realizing that the larger portion of the group was further down by the late Almond Resort we met back up with the crew and proceeded onto our cliff location, unofficially named “Coles Cliff” following our failed attempts to find the cave, it was at this point that persons really began to relax as the Official BimVibes punch began to be handed out to our Patrons.

BimVibes Island Drive @ Coles Cliff*

Event organizers Amanda Parris & Philip King were captured here entertaining guests and sharing route information as many enjoyed the Northern landscape unfamiliar to most.

From this point the group proceeded through Cherry Tree Hill, made a swift stop in Cattlewash to climb round rock and place a BimVibes Sticker and then concluded their drive in Bathsheba @ The new Uncle Joes Bar & Grill where their host Renata Goodman had prepared the ideal cool down venue for persons to recover before making their way back to the West Coast.

BimVibes Team Recovers Following Island Drive 2020

Social Media took to using the hashtag #CrackHeadIslandDrive to share content from their day showing a broadly satisfactory experience from the events patrons, the team says they’re preparing their next event as we speak.