In this life, promises are the lifeline for some of us –  we often rely on promises to ourselves and from the ones we love.

We promise ourselves to overcome, to keep going, to be understanding, to get better, to believe in our abilities and intuition; promise to not hold onto past mistakes beyond the lessons learned.

We promise to give the benefit of the doubt while still wondering subconsciously if it’s worth it to…


We promise ourselves to be strong. We promise to love. 


We promise ourselves to look at the bright side of every situation; to have faith in the unknown…


Promises to live in the moment.


Promises made to embrace forgiveness, complain less and to appreciate life and the ways circumstances unfold more. Promises to love others for who they are and not who we think they have the potential to be.


We promise ourselves not to worry – for worry is the thief of all joy; and honestly what is the point of worrying about the things we can’t change?

Silly of me to ask such a thing when I know we’ll worry anyway, its our second nature.



Promises after promises…

We continue to fall short.


But I often wonder if we were truly dedicated enough to ourselves as we are to others;  what are promises to yourself you wish you could keep?