not reminiscing

but better yet, visualizing a better tomorrow.


Things we only talk about with each other…

Things we think about in silence, in private. Things we only feel with our eyes wide shut.


Things we visualize and fantasize about in places only we know.


Somewhere only we know…


Where’s this somewhere?

This somewhere can be anywhere; can be anyone… can be anything. This somewhere can be within you. Whatever this somewhere is, it’s what propels you. It’s what makes you tick, makes you move and carry on. Drives you to persevere. Can be a stroll on the beach listening to the waves brush against the shore, can be a quiet drive at midnight just to clear your thoughts, can be in the arms of your lover weighed by final throes of passion. Can be that song you listen to and feel every word, note and instrument.

It’s anywhere you want it to be.


Somewhere only we know…


It pushes us to be the best we can, pushes us to be resilient.


Reminds you to keep going.


So keep going my love. Keep on keeping on… It all falls together in the end.


You got this even if you hide behind

somewhere only we know.