Have you ever been up 3am thinking? Thinking about everything and anything but yet nothing in particular…

Have you ever wondered who else was up thinking, possibly crying, wondering if things will work out… floating in and out of consciousness; longing for the one they love to hold them and kiss away their fears too? Longing for shit at home or work to get better? Hoping for some relaxation and an escape from depression and anxiety?


Hug me my love and silence my fears.


Here’s a secret: we’re all facing the same fears even if of different  capacities- they’re all fears nonetheless. We’re all fighting our respective demons. We all just want someone willing to help us through it all, be by our side dusk til dawn. We all just want to make it against it all. Against all adversities.


Life gets hard. Life is a bitch sometimes, but we can all make it. We can all get to the end of this race.

Once we keep going.


Perseverance seldom fails.


We all have those moments where we think we won’t make it and feel to give up. But giving up won’t take us any closer to that which we desire. 

I know it’s hard to remember sometimes but you gotta keep your head up!

You got this! 

It’s okay to lose it and delve into frustration but it’s about recovering and moving forward despite it all.

Against all odds, never give up. We’re always a step closer if we keep going.

That’s my secret from me to you.

~Diandra C.