Waves, that’s what I love most about going to the beach. Adventures with you are all I think of when I catch myself. You take my breath away. You’re so captivating. You are a beautiful sunset after a long day, a beautiful sunny beach day with warm seas… A love I’ll never let slip away. I love you like waves.

I love to hear the waves crash crash crashing, to feel the ocean surround me (sometimes I wish it would engulf me). I love to feel the damp sand beneath my feet, between my toes as the waves continue to lull against my seat.

Tantalized and in a trance. You fill me.

High tide or low, my cup runneth over.


Hm, waves. How else do I describe such a love?


Waves. J’adore, especially the sensation as they crash against me, through me, leaving me soaked and begging for more.


Loving you comes in leaps and bounds.

Loving you is blue.


Grainy and wet. 


Loving you is my obsession with waves- can’t get enough…

The euphoria felt, the rhythmic precision.


Gigantic waves collide relentlessly, sending salty spays about us.

This love is hard to find. This love is hard to define.


Love like waves.

  • Diandra C.