1. Dukes Holetown
To be honest this place is a hit or miss, my last experience there seemed exceptional at the time, (blame the drinks) but after the night had departed and I thought back reality offered a different perspective on the occasion. Besides my initial trouble finding a palatable drink, oh don’t let me get started on those.
Drink Attempt #1
Rum & Coke
Me: Give me an old gold and coke
Bartender: *Hand Gestures nah*
Me: Mount Gay?
Bartender: Negi
Me: Rum & Coke?
Bartender: *Pours what I assume was a mixture of Mauby & Rubbing alcohol into glass*
Me: Thanks families.
Luckily I survived the first sip and had enough left over to carry home to clean small cuts and bruises. Needless to say I didn’t have much luck with the unpronounceable Vodka w/ Orange I sought refuge with afterwards.
On another note Dukes seems to attract a young crowd which you could describe as “Extremely eccentric”, contained to a small air conditioned dance floor the party gathers around any dancers in a hoard-ish manner chanting support, think 2013 Reggae lounge for a fairly decent idea, yeah back when you were underage sneaking don’t lie.

2. UWI Parties
When all else fails, UWI is the vibe. I don’t advise getting to a UWI guild party before 11:30, however around that time you may begin to see the crowds start to congregate in front of the venue trying to decide if to go in, before eventually deciding that they’re willing to accept losing their $10 – $25 entry fee and risk it for the biscuit.
While the drinks at UWI aren’t the best quality, compared to other parties, they’re consumable so overall I’ll give them a pass for today and recommend attending at least once this year. (Avoid Silver at UWI it leads to unwarranted exploration through the dorms)

3. Harbour Lights
Finally on our list, a personal favorite of mine, is Harbour Lights. From the time you enter a swift gesture to your preferred Bartender, (Shout out to Andrew) and a steady supply of complimentary drinks start flowing late into the AM. 6 Drinks & two bathroom trips later and the shy tea memories of other parties you time going too this year will seem like a thing of the past.
In terms of the crowd harbor lights is filled with a diverse number of cultures, contrary to popular beliefs, with a mixed crowd of tourists and locals. Assuming you’re not already lying face down somewhere out on the beach, be prepared to meet a ton of new people and have a good laugh as they try to mimic local dancing (Sorry sweet girls, you all can’t be good at whining, feel free to stand by the speakers and judge girls who have a lil’ talent).
I definitely recommend trying out a couple of the shots:
1. Flatliner – (Tabasco sauce in dey heavy)
2. Bob Marley – (Soft man shot when ya tryna impress a sweet girl)
3. Jaegerbombs – (Old reliable, take four and go dance floor for a consistently good time)